Larp Italia is a nascent initiative aimed at gathering every Italian larp organizer. Its goal is to provide designers and larp groups with a forum for discussion. A permanent community, reserved to larp organizers, to get to know each other, share good practices and mutual help, and work together to further the spreading of live-action role playing in Italy.

Larp Italia has been founded in July 2018. Yet, more than 60 different groups already joined it, representing the great majority of Italian larpers.


Every Italian larp, in an up-to-date calendar!


Where is my larp?

If you want to appear in this calendar, invite your larp group to read our "Call to arms" and to fill out the form to join Larp Italia: it's free!


List and details for every group that has joined Larp Italia.
See also: Map of Italian Larp

Statistics about genre and location

Call to arms

If you are an Italian larp organizer, this document is meant for you.

Main purposes of Larp Italia

  • Spread and popularize larp in Italy
  • Give support to people organizing larps in Italy

Who we are

Larp Italia was born as an informal forum, temporarily managed by its 3 founders. Larp Italia intends to have a participatory and democratic structure, able to give and equal voice and representation to each member group.


Who can join?

Larp Italia is open to any group whose primary focus is creating larps; or that includes a "larp sector" which regularly runs larp events.
No profits, companies, informal groups, individual organizers who run larps on their own, and any other kind of organization or group, are more than welcome.

  • Requrement 1: being active, that is, you need to have run at least a larp open to the public during the past 12 months (or, to have announced one for the next 6 months)
  • Requrement 2: having at least 30 “members”, that is, at least 30 different people who participated to at least one of your larps in the current year.